Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer
Awareness Campaign

Giving hope to cancer patients is a major element in the medication process! As a result, the campaign will feature a sky fly featuring the following slogan:

If you can fly … you can survive #superwomen

Flying Experience Linkage to the campaign’s objective
If you can fly
  • You can overcome/fight any disease
  • You can survive
  • You can make the impossible possible
  • Alignment with the campaign’s hashtag (#superwomen)


  1. Opening: 3 speakers (real cases) who went through breast cancer and cured of it.
  • One of the speakers could be Elissa as she is a public figure/influencer who lived with breast cancer before she recovered in 2018. The objective of this event is to talk about her experience and translate/communicate hope to the general public (event’s attendees).
  1. Flying Experience: Let participants undergo a parachute experience in an attempt to raise the adrenaline level in their bodies.
  2. All participants wearing branded t-shirts will gather for a panoramic photo for the purpose of making a memory.
Group Photo  Linkage to the campaign's objective
Group Work Resembles that no one on this earth is fighting alone. Individual suffering can be lessened with collective solidarity among society members.

Materials used:

  • Thousands of Helium ribbon-shaped pink balloons will be available on-premise (The number of balloons needed in order not to fly so high will be identified by consultants).
  • A container where participants will have to sit on (All safety measures will be strictly applied).
  • A Go-Pro Camera will be placed at the bottom of the container and it will be directed upwards so that the participant’s body/face with the sky in the background will appear.
  • Photos of participants will be given to them instantly.

Note: The image used in this page is of Google's courtesy.