“Digital” Wine

“Digital” Wine
Digital Wine
Online & Offline

Have you ever heard of this type of wine? Simply, it is a glass of wine with a QR code printed on it, that’s all!

Do you want to propose to your girlfriend/fiance? All you need to do is keep reading:

  1. Come up with a creative domain name - example: http://babytobe.be/
  2. Develop a simple website which includes: Photos featuring nice moments spent together along with a proposal question: “Would you marry me?”
  3. Search for an online QR Code Generator tool - Example: https://www.qr-code-generator.com and enter the chosen domain name
  4. Download the QR code and print it on a sticker paper
  5. Stick the QR code on a glass

At the restaurant/bar:

  1. Arrive a few minutes before your date (this is always advisable regardless of the situation!)
  2. Give the customized glass to the barman and tell him/her to pour whatever your date requests (wine - cocktail - etc…) into this glass.
  3. The Surprise Element: Your date will possibly inquire about the QR code and the purpose behind it. Now, it is your turn to encourage her to scan the code and know its content.

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Photo Credit: Jean-Claude Chinchere