Father’s Day

Father’s Day
Awareness Campaign
Online & Offline

Almost every brand will celebrate Father’s Day through traditional ways i.e. assuming that all of the audience have Fathers! But, how hard is it to see your friends celebrating this day through posting stories/pictures of their fathers on social media platforms when you don’t have a father The amount of “emotional” harm, in this case, is significant. The above figure shows that out of 1,000 respondents, 60% of those who lost their fathers feel annoyed if they encounter Father’s Day celebration on social media channels which proves the hypothesis discussed earlier.

The brand will stand out from the competition by identifying itself with a great cause: showing empathy with people who have lost their fathers. By aligning itself with this cause, the brand will appear as caring, positive, and optimistic in the eyes of its consumers which will, in turn, creates an invaluable connection between both sides.

Video Producer: Ali Kadi