I am Positive

I am Positive
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non-commercial video campaign that aims in spreading positivity in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the negative consequences of COVID-19, yet we have all learned several lessons on different levels: individual & society. As a result, the campaign features people who explain how COVID-19 positively affected their lives: thinking about others regardless of their ethnicity, origin, nationality, gender, and race - helping others - and spending more time with the family (back to the roots) to name a few. Moreover, the campain highlights the skills which the speakers developed in the quarantine period such as: Online Courses tackling music and dance - Reading Books - Drawing - Dancing - Self  Reflection


Executive Producer & Story: Jad Al-Salim

Director & Video Prodcution: Sandy Haddad

Assistant Videographer: Cynthia Jreidini

Music: Sareh - By Yazan Sarayrah (Slayts)

Special Thanks to: Bossa Nova Beirut Hotel

Technical Consultant: Koury

Speakers (by order of appearance): Yana Samarani - Christine Tawk - Nancy Massoud - Leila Jureidini - Jessica Semaan - Rana Karout - Albert Semaan - Issa Fata

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